AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker

AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speakerAZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker
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AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker
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Introducing the Radio Alarm Dock which sounds like a Hi-Fi……

When Azatom designed the Homehub we decided to use the same acoustic technologies and high-grade level of components that we put into our more expensive speakers. The result is a multifunction unit which does not let you down on sound performance. In addition the Home-hub has many special features such as automatically updating time and date information from your Apple device.

Brilliant hideaway docking station connection 

Often alarm docks do their jobs as alarm clocks but fall short as entertainment devices. We decided to create a sleek alarm dock that delivered a genuinely powerful and enjoyable music experience. The Homehub is powerful enough and the sound quality good enough that as well as an alarm clock and a way of charging your Apple device, the Homehub brings musical enjoyment to whichever room you choose. Whether you are listening to iTunes whilst charging your phone, streaming music from internet streaming services such as Spotify or just listening to the radio, the Homehub genuinely delivers where others fall flat.

The Homehub has been designed to give a sleek, modern look that fits in to any room. Materials have been chosen specifically to give the unit a smart finish and good tactile qualities. The design is deliberately unobtrusive and classical. When the dock is not being used, the top closes completely flat, giving the unit a clean, modern appearance which adds style to any home.

The Homehub uses Azatom’s proprietary driver technology to give superb bass and treble reproduction from such a compact unit. A combination of more powerful, Neodymium magnets combined with higher density driver materials allow the speakers to deliver powerful sounding music without distortion and with no signs of the ‘tininess’ that is so common in lesser alarm clocks. Many alarm clocks use lower grade components, and then boost the treble to give the appearance of a more powerful unit, however this gives these speakers poor tonal balance, resulting in weak bass performance and a tinny, tiring sound. However, the Homehub has been tuned for maximum enjoyment.


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  • Lightning Connector
  • Output Power: 30 Watts
  • High-grade Bluetooth 4.0
  • FM Radio (20 Presets)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Dual Alarm clock, useful for during the week and/or weekends or when a partner has a different wake up time
  • Automatically updates Time and Date information from your Apple device
  • Snooze function
  • Wake up with your iPhone/iPod/iPad or the buzzer
  • Remote Control
  • Adjustable Brightness Display – superior white LED Display (much more calming than red)
  • 3 brightness settings and screen off option
  • Sleep Timer
  • EQ Settings
  • Batteries to back up the time/alarm and preset Radio Stations etc.
  • Control your Homehub with the remote (when listening to the radio or docking your Apple device), or from your Bluetooth device (Mobile Phone, Tablet etc.) when playing your music wirelessly.
  • Auxiliary Input Jack conveniently placed at the rear for connecting other media devices

Lightning Adapter 100% compatible with: iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5G, iPod Nano 7G, iPad Mini and 'iPad with Retina Screen'

Bluetooth: works with any Bluetooth-enabled Mobile Phone, Tablet, Laptop, MP3 Player etc.


Max Power Output 30 Watts
Product Dimensions L x W x H 198 x 89 x 198mm
Product Weight 1.8kg
Remote Control Yes
Speaker Configuration 2.0 with 2 Bassports
System Voltage AC 110-220V
Box Contents Homehub Speaker

Remote Control


Additional Features n/a
Input Types Lightning Dock

3.5mm Jack
Built-in Rechargeable Battery n/a
Battery Capacity n/a
Battery Life n/a

(Note: the Homehub has batteries to keep the Time, Alarm and Radio settings when the unit is unplugged)
Charging Time n/a
Accessories n/a
Music Streaming Yes - through Bluetooth
Alarm Clock Yes

2 Alarms with options for full week, working week and weekend or 2 times. Has snooze function.
Speaker Dimensions n/a
Sensitivity 500 mV
Frequency response 40Hz - 20kHz (+/-3dB)
CD Player n/a
AirPlay Module n/a
Bluetooth® Module 2.1 + EDR
Amplifier Custom
FM Radio Yes
DSP Chipset n/a
Chipset n/a
Driver Name n/a
Main Features Alarm Clock

FM Radio

Lightning Adapter

Bluetooth Connectivity

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AZATOM® Home Hub Apple speaker
Price: £70.00
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